My parents’ families of origin, Franco and Gentilin families, by virtue of their experience gained as migrant workers in Switzerland, decided, upon their return to Italy, to open up a small mechanical workshop. They made the most of Veneto’s flourishing economy as well as of the dynamic mechanical engineering sector in the area of Vicenza. My family thus began to produce their very first stamping dies and to stamp small precision parts.
As time passed and with the second generation entering the business, the roads diverged and gave rise to new production companies.
Giuseppe Franco and his sons continued their sheet metal stamping business and went on to create a department dedicated to the production of sheet metal stamping dies.
Drawing on the experience acquired from working with my father, I took over the reins of NUOVA FRANCO in the late 1990s infusing the company with my passion, drive and skills.
Having built a company with a solid base I am now preparing to share the entrepreneurial decisions with my son Roberto, the third generation.
Giampietro Franco