When people ask me – what do we do – I spontaneously answer – everything – That is not because I am presumptuous… Let’s just say that over the years, things have happened a bit by chance. We have met clients from every sector, who have asked us to make all kinds of parts, from the simplest plate to the most complex shaped object. Objects often of common use, cups and hooks, washers, trolleys, hinges, angle brackets and every conceivable metal part, objects that we touch in everyday life, other parts so unusual and unique in their kind that we do not remember what they were going to make up. Parts of all kinds, all made of sheet metal stamping; drilled, milled… that can spark the imagination of any maker with a creative vision of things. It is amazing when a metal part that we have been always stamped to perform a certain function, changes name and becomes something else. The same object but with another name and a different function. That is the attitude of being able to imagine. To look at things and go beyond.