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Women and men working together

The Veneto mechanical industry – the second largest in Italy with 6,000 enterprises and 55,000 employees – is one of the world’s leaders in terms of its presence on the international markets, turnover and technological innovation.Unfortunately, the presence of women, already very low in all sectors of Italian industry, never deviates from single-digit percentages in […]


The specialist magazine for manufacturers of moulds for metal and plastic, models and precision equipment is dedicating an article to the new Higher Education Technology Centre for Applied Mechanics project that we are developing in conjunction with the Professional Training School in Trissino. The difficulty encountered by entrepreneurs in finding skilled workers led to the […]

One hundred thousand washers to be photographed

In thirty years we’ve definitely made more than one hundred thousand washers. Perhaps, adding them all together, more than a million. The washer, together with bolts and screws, is perhaps one of the best-selling items of technical hardware in every industry. From steel discs as big as Frisbees used in large constructions, to highly polished […]

NUOVA FRANCO supports Hockey 05 Trissino

Once again this year NUOVA FRANCO is the main sponsor of Hockey 05 Trissino which is taking on the A2 League with a view to repeating the brilliant season it enjoyed last year and perhaps doing even better. The goal remains the same regardless of the results at the start of the competition: to make […]


We design and manufacture dies for sheet metal stamping both for internal use and for third parties. We plan the production of fine blanking parts starting from feasibility studies through to finished parts by bringing into play all our skills. In addition to the stamping of sheet metal up to 15 mm thick, CNC milling, […]

NOT ONLY WASHERS a diversified production

The large 500-ton press that shapes 15 mm thick sheet metal amazes even if you have seen it working every day for years. It is a different sensation, but the “rain” of thin washers with a diameter of 10 mm that descend in a hypnotic rhythm, almost as if they were carnival confetti. Two extremes […]