We have been doing this forever

and now we are also certified

We stamp sheet metal parts of all types and sizes, from projects and dies produced by us or utilizing those of our customers. Always with care, precision and with the highest quality.
NUOVA FRANCO is a certified company and manages quality with a system in accordance with UNI EN 9001:2015 for:
Mechanical engineering, design and production of dies for sheet metal stamping, mechanical equipment, shearing and stamping of small metal parts; mechanical processing.
What does it all mean? Simple. That NUOVA FRANCO is a company that applies strategies to continuously improve and to be sure to supply products of the highest quality it submits its quality protocols to periodic audits by authorized certification bodies.
It also means that
We have a quality management system appropriate to our processes and products.
We analyze and address the needs and expectations of our customers as well as the mandatory requirements of our products and services.
We ensure that the necessary resources are available to support the activities and monitoring of the above processes.
We monitor and supervise product characteristics.
We implement every possible action to prevent non-conformities and adopt improvement processes to resolve any non-conformities that may arise (including those that are identified after delivery).
We analyze the causes of non-conformities and take corrective action to prevent recurrence by handling complaints from customers.
We continuously measure and improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
In NUOVA FRANCO we have always worked like this and now we are also certified.