Agricultural machineries

There are jobs that exist since ever and tools, machinery, systems that have changed in such a radical way that a lot of us are struggling to recognize and to give them a name. Agriculture in people’s mind is still hoe, spade, rake, sickle, pitchfork, harrow, plow, cart…. It’s not because we don’t know about the hugest progresses of the sector, of machineries and all the rest. Many of us often have difficulties to recognize them, to understand what they are for and to give them a name. Here, in NUOVA FRANCO we have expertise in producing numerous parts that big Italian companies, many of them located close to us, are asking for the production of those “big and complex animals” that are working in the modern agriculture, cultivating food that we eat, canalizing water and ensuring the territory’s security. Beautiful machineries that often show the force of their muscles without skin. We are proud to be involved in their manufacturing by providing essential elements, guaranteeing solidity, durability and many machineries that literally give us bread, wine and much other.