Metal parts for our security

A stamped and perforated plate can have a thousand applications, an infinite number of features that make it, beyond the part of metal beyond the sheet metal part that we see there is a working tool and a safety device. One of the many ordinary items on which our own lives often depend on. Our parts end up being installed in railings, fences, gates, covers, technical equipment for sports and entertainment, machine tools, agricultural machinery of all types and sizes, protection and safety systems, load-bearing structures, static and moving mechanical systems. An ordinary part, stamped, maybe very thick as we often happen to produce, which is bent, drilled, threaded, welded and assembled with others, than turns into a small or a great device to our safety. Most of the time it can appear as an almost invisible part. That is how we want it to remain. Because when a sheet metal part hits the headlines, it is usually not good news.