Olympics in Trissino, a memory full of future

We are heading towards the summer season and that photo that came to hand reminds me of many memories. Just to make clear, the one in the foreground is my dad, Giuseppe Franco, while the young guy nearby with the block in his hand is obviously me. The picture takes us right back to the time when in Trissino, in the summer, with my friends we used to organize the Children’s Olympics. It was quite a commitment for us that were attending high school, who worked hard to ensure that the little ones had fun. We worked hard… Nonetheless, what we achieved meant much more. We built groups and friendships that would last until now. We were able to stay out more in the evenings and maybe we would get to hug the girl of our dreams for five minutes, a girl, who we would keep thinking about for years. The childrens considered us important and in some ways, we really were. In those summers, many of us learned the importance of being part of a community: the need and pleasure of giving something to receive infinitely more. I look back and believe that the values that still animate those of my generation come from there, from our parents who showed us the way, as well as from our determination to do more than they did. Now with the company that my dad started, with my son by my side, I am making efforts to give back to my country what it gave me. We are working with Hockey Trissino 05 in the A2 series, so that the boys can find a place where they can express a healthy competitiveness while respecting the values of sport.  Thanks to the Centro di Formazione Professionale (Vocational Training Center), Trissino’s pride and joy, we are starting a vocational training center dedicated to mechanics. This center already counts HAAS among its partners, one of the most prestigious and innovative brands in the construction of machine tools, and VERO Solutions, developer of cad-cam software, the ideal support for the engineering of complex projects. So that the young people can be proud to attend a VTC and the whole productive district of our valley can grow. A beautiful commitment that still helps us to smile.