NUOVA FRANCO, your partner in building construction

Construction and all activities in general that involve the building, improvement and maintenance of housing and more generally of any type of building, have NUOVA FRANCO as a reliable partner. We are able to provide adequate solutions to the needs of an increasingly technically advanced industry, which focuses on efficiency, durability, as well as safety of machines, scaffolding, equipment and any construction element. The certification of all our production made of sheet metal parts of any type up to 15 mm thick allows manufacturers to work efficiently and safely and to offer beneficial solutions guaranteed over time. In addition to meeting these imperative needs, NUOVA FRANCO with the extensive experience accumulated in thirty years of activity is able to provide ready to use metal parts.  Indeed, we are able to support designers and contractors in finding creative solutions to manufacture shelves, carts, gates, gazebos, fences, tanks, covers and an infinite number of additional construction elements and decorative buildings as well as metal parts essential to the maintenance of the abovementioned products.