Outdoors and lots of work to do

Thunderstorms that follow each other with clearing ups, temperatures that rise despite everything..  “Spring”: saying in just a word. A climate that already makes us craving for Summer, for life in the open air with the need to do a lot of work, both at home as well as in large farms and tourism industry, in spaces dedicated to entertainment, play and outdoor life in general. We offer fine blanking parts of all shapes to the tourism industry, farms of all kinds and to those who work in the construction and maintenance of green areas, playgrounds and sports equipment. Fasteners, plates, washers, caps, discs, hooks, carriages, which are suitable for the construction of gazebos, greenhouses, fences, benches, equipment for playgrounds and fitness areas, fixing umbrellas and shade cloths… All our production guarantees safety and durability.
Have a great summer everyone!