One hundred thousand washers to be photographed

In thirty years we’ve definitely made more than one hundred thousand washers. Perhaps, adding them all together, more than a million. The washer, together with bolts and screws, is perhaps one of the best-selling items of technical hardware in every industry. From steel discs as big as Frisbees used in large constructions, to highly polished brass and stainless steel plates that look like sequins used in furnishings, lighting and mutatis mutandis in infinite other areas, only to finish with galvanised steel washers that we use all the time to hang a wall unit or build a fence. It is nice to hear the raindrops of freshly created washers falling down and creating such a beautiful texture as to warrant a photo. So, at NUOVA FRANCO, often our washers – which are so useful but apparently insignificant – become the stars of creative shots.