The specialist magazine for manufacturers of moulds for metal and plastic, models and precision equipment is dedicating an article to the new Higher Education Technology Centre for Applied Mechanics project that we are developing in conjunction with the Professional Training School in Trissino. The difficulty encountered by entrepreneurs in finding skilled workers led to the idea of training them by finding a way to have in the school the very same high performance machines as they will then find in the most advanced companies. The mastermind behind the project is Giampietro Franco, owner of NUOVA FRANCO, with the collaboration of Aldo Peruffo, President of the Youth House Foundation of Trissino, and the support of the biggest supplier companies of machines, software and accessories for mechanics. The project is now becoming reality: the machines and workstations are ready and there is very little left to do. As it is important to work as a team, the customised uniforms have also been prepared: trousers, overalls and t-shirts with the logos of the school and of NUOVA FRANCO as the sponsor. We hope that it won’t be long until the first students will pull them on, thereby starting this training path that will best meet their expectations, preparing them to face the labour market or offering them other opportunities for growth.

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“An idea of school for the future”