Giampietro Franco owner of NUOVA FRANCO tells the project of the school that dreams

The idea of giving something back to the CFP Professional Training Centre in Trissino came to me from afar. From an education which taught me that feeling part of a community is important; from the example of my father, always involved in social life; from the many young people who have come to the company seeking work without having the necessary training; from searches for trained workers that fell on deaf ears; and, finally, of course, from an important link, shared among everyone in Trissino with the town’s most important Institution. A school that has trained since the 1950s until today, this year marks the 70th anniversary of its foundation, dozens of entrepreneurs and groups of skilled workers in many different sectors.

The project to create in the School of Trissino a Higher Education Technology Centre for Applied Mechanics is taking shape bit by bit thanks also to the support of companies and individuals who shared my aims. HAAS with Luca Pasetti, Giovanni Piccoli of VERO SOLUTIONS, Simone Dalla Vecchia of UM-Tools and with me Aldo Peruffo, the President of the Youth House Foundation of Trissino, together – with the help of other companies – we are still working to shorten the bureaucratic timescales and give new tools to young people who want to learn new skills.