Women and men working together

The Veneto mechanical industry – the second largest in Italy with 6,000 enterprises and 55,000 employees – is one of the world’s leaders in terms of its presence on the international markets, turnover and technological innovation.
Unfortunately, the presence of women, already very low in all sectors of Italian industry, never deviates from single-digit percentages in the Veneto mechanical industry. A widespread mentality, with a certain closed mind, is to blame. Tradition has been and is the strength of Veneto entrepreneurship but it has some legacies that occasionally hold us back.
We have always been a company open to women who want to be treated the same as their male counterparts, attentive and capable women – perhaps even more so than men -, women who want to make the best of themselves at all levels in equal relationships. The environments are clean and tidy and neither women nor men are required to have any particular physical strength, as is the case now in any metal mechanics company. Instead, we need to be able to work together, be attentive, precise, organised and work well in a team, giving an important sign to young people – an opportunity for growth for young women and young men – so that they can choose the best for themselves, free from prejudices.