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Organization, creativity and thirty years of experience in a diagram that shows in an instructive way the workflow of Nuova Franco. A comprehensive range of production processes and a clear vision.Feasibility study.Process engineering.Design, development and tools manufacturing.Sheet metal forming up to 15 mm with mechanical presses of up to 500 tIn just one glance, you […]

Precision as a daily exercise

Mechanic engineering is all about precision. Stamping and blanking sheet metal that is sometimes a finger thick, and doing so on a daily basis for thirty years, requires experience. Our unit of measurement is the hundredth of a millimeter, checking of the parts and the needed measuring instruments always have a three-dimensional approach. The experience […]


Putting the pieces together…combining the elements is the basis of any project, the process of any construction. We could line up an endless amount of verbs, which all represent the action of joining into a single “object”. Welding, screwing, hooking, gluing, embedding, assembling… and there where the union takes place, we are usually there. Threaded […]


When people ask me – what do we do – I spontaneously answer – everything – That is not because I am presumptuous… Let’s just say that over the years, things have happened a bit by chance. We have met clients from every sector, who have asked us to make all kinds of parts, from […]

LISTENING AND DIALOGUE, essential to develop important projects

One washer, a million and a half washers, all identical to the first. Small blanking parts of every kind, working sheets of every thickness, of every metal material, to manufacture products that perfectly match the required specifications. All of this would be impossible without close collaboration with our customers. We would not be able to […]


To produce and sell are without doubt the essence of an engineering company as ours and of all healthy businesses. But we have always been convinced that a company has to be also something else. A catalyst of wealth and energy able to spread part of its wealth in the area and among the people […]

Agricultural machineries

There are jobs that exist since ever and tools, machinery, systems that have changed in such a radical way that a lot of us are struggling to recognize and to give them a name. Agriculture in people’s mind is still hoe, spade, rake, sickle, pitchfork, harrow, plow, cart…. It’s not because we don’t know about […]

Metal parts for our security

A stamped and perforated plate can have a thousand applications, an infinite number of features that make it, beyond the part of metal beyond the sheet metal part that we see there is a working tool and a safety device. One of the many ordinary items on which our own lives often depend on. Our […]

If you can dream it you can do it

How many times have we read Walt Disney’s famous saying – If you can dream it you can do it?  – it is absolutely true, for anything, in NUOVA FRANCO we feel it every day. During the project phase, we start from the sketch on paper to the three-dimensional engineering with CAD-CAM software, up to […]

Outdoors and lots of work to do

Thunderstorms that follow each other with clearing ups, temperatures that rise despite everything..  “Spring”: saying in just a word. A climate that already makes us craving for Summer, for life in the open air with the need to do a lot of work, both at home as well as in large farms and tourism industry, […]