Precision as a daily exercise

Mechanic engineering is all about precision. Stamping and blanking sheet metal that is sometimes a finger thick, and doing so on a daily basis for thirty years, requires experience. Our unit of measurement is the hundredth of a millimeter, checking of the parts and the needed measuring instruments always have a three-dimensional approach. The experience and know-how that grow every day, thanks also to the constant engagement with customers and partners, allow us to correct potential mistakes. Precision as daily experience and willingness to learn every day are indispensable tools for our work.


When people ask me – what do we do – I spontaneously answer – everything – That is not because I am presumptuous… Let’s just say that over the years, things have happened a bit by chance. We have met clients from every sector, who have asked us to make all kinds of parts, from the simplest plate to the most complex shaped object. Objects often of common use, cups and hooks, washers, trolleys, hinges, angle brackets and every conceivable metal part, objects that we touch in everyday life, other parts so unusual and unique in their kind that we do not remember what they were going to make up. Parts of all kinds, all made of sheet metal stamping; drilled, milled… that can spark the imagination of any maker with a creative vision of things. It is amazing when a metal part that we have been always stamped to perform a certain function, changes name and becomes something else. The same object but with another name and a different function. That is the attitude of being able to imagine. To look at things and go beyond.

LISTENING AND DIALOGUE, essential to develop important projects

One washer, a million and a half washers, all identical to the first. Small blanking parts of every kind, working sheets of every thickness, of every metal material, to manufacture products that perfectly match the required specifications. All of this would be impossible without close collaboration with our customers. We would not be able to achieve the required goals so effectively if all our customers did not bring their skills into play in a mutual sharing that allows us each time to find the most economical and effective solutions. That cooperation also allows us to engineer the parts, to design the mold, to produce it, to test it and maybe to manufacture all the parts, which our partners request. Listening and dialogue are essential to carry out important projects. It is also thanks to our customers that in the end we are truly satisfied with our work.


To produce and sell are without doubt the essence of an engineering company as ours and of all healthy businesses. But we have always been convinced that a company has to be also something else. A catalyst of wealth and energy able to spread part of its wealth in the area and among the people around it. It’s not about making charities, which is always a beautiful thing, it’s about how to trigger a virtuous circle capable of being self-sustaining and creating more wealth for all. That’s why we do our best to help “Hockey Trissino 05 in A2” and the Trissino Professional Training Center. We make our boys to grow up, give them positive examples and opportunities to learn. In a growing community, we all will feel better.

Agricultural machineries

There are jobs that exist since ever and tools, machinery, systems that have changed in such a radical way that a lot of us are struggling to recognize and to give them a name. Agriculture in people’s mind is still hoe, spade, rake, sickle, pitchfork, harrow, plow, cart…. It’s not because we don’t know about the hugest progresses of the sector, of machineries and all the rest. Many of us often have difficulties to recognize them, to understand what they are for and to give them a name. Here, in NUOVA FRANCO we have expertise in producing numerous parts that big Italian companies, many of them located close to us, are asking for the production of those “big and complex animals” that are working in the modern agriculture, cultivating food that we eat, canalizing water and ensuring the territory’s security. Beautiful machineries that often show the force of their muscles without skin. We are proud to be involved in their manufacturing by providing essential elements, guaranteeing solidity, durability and many machineries that literally give us bread, wine and much other.

If you can dream it you can do it

How many times have we read Walt Disney’s famous saying – If you can dream it you can do it?  – it is absolutely true, for anything, in NUOVA FRANCO we feel it every day. During the project phase, we start from the sketch on paper to the three-dimensional engineering with CAD-CAM software, up to the production of the dies and the optimization of production. We develop our customers’ ideas in the same way we put our expertise at their disposal to develop their projects. We do not set ourselves any limits; we have a clear vision of the engineering methodologies and are able to advise immediately on the most appropriate technologies, the most economic and effective production systems according to the objectives that we set together.

It is a pleasure to see a press working perfectly, rhythmically stamping the item we have thought of. It’s true: if we dream something we usually do it.

Olympics in Trissino, a memory full of future

We are heading towards the summer season and that photo that came to hand reminds me of many memories. Just to make clear, the one in the foreground is my dad, Giuseppe Franco, while the young guy nearby with the block in his hand is obviously me. The picture takes us right back to the time when in Trissino, in the summer, with my friends we used to organize the Children’s Olympics. It was quite a commitment for us that were attending high school, who worked hard to ensure that the little ones had fun. We worked hard… Nonetheless, what we achieved meant much more. We built groups and friendships that would last until now. We were able to stay out more in the evenings and maybe we would get to hug the girl of our dreams for five minutes, a girl, who we would keep thinking about for years. The childrens considered us important and in some ways, we really were. In those summers, many of us learned the importance of being part of a community: the need and pleasure of giving something to receive infinitely more. I look back and believe that the values that still animate those of my generation come from there, from our parents who showed us the way, as well as from our determination to do more than they did. Now with the company that my dad started, with my son by my side, I am making efforts to give back to my country what it gave me. We are working with Hockey Trissino 05 in the A2 series, so that the boys can find a place where they can express a healthy competitiveness while respecting the values of sport.  Thanks to the Centro di Formazione Professionale (Vocational Training Center), Trissino’s pride and joy, we are starting a vocational training center dedicated to mechanics. This center already counts HAAS among its partners, one of the most prestigious and innovative brands in the construction of machine tools, and VERO Solutions, developer of cad-cam software, the ideal support for the engineering of complex projects. So that the young people can be proud to attend a VTC and the whole productive district of our valley can grow. A beautiful commitment that still helps us to smile.

We have been doing this forever

and now we are also certified

We stamp sheet metal parts of all types and sizes, from projects and dies produced by us or utilizing those of our customers. Always with care, precision and with the highest quality.
NUOVA FRANCO is a certified company and manages quality with a system in accordance with UNI EN 9001:2015 for:
Mechanical engineering, design and production of dies for sheet metal stamping, mechanical equipment, shearing and stamping of small metal parts; mechanical processing.
What does it all mean? Simple. That NUOVA FRANCO is a company that applies strategies to continuously improve and to be sure to supply products of the highest quality it submits its quality protocols to periodic audits by authorized certification bodies.
It also means that
We have a quality management system appropriate to our processes and products.
We analyze and address the needs and expectations of our customers as well as the mandatory requirements of our products and services.
We ensure that the necessary resources are available to support the activities and monitoring of the above processes.
We monitor and supervise product characteristics.
We implement every possible action to prevent non-conformities and adopt improvement processes to resolve any non-conformities that may arise (including those that are identified after delivery).
We analyze the causes of non-conformities and take corrective action to prevent recurrence by handling complaints from customers.
We continuously measure and improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
In NUOVA FRANCO we have always worked like this and now we are also certified.

Quality metal hardware

furniture design

Quality metal hardware is an integral part of branded furniture design. Special finishes, vanishing elements, movements that require smoothness and strength as well as durability. Those elements combined with accurate finishes, reduced size, unconventional design solutions are Nuova Franco’s bread and butter. Our technical department is able to develop, design and engineer the manufacturing of any element, which can be realized through sheet metal stamping. We take part, often from behind the scenes, in important design projects. If a table, a drawer or a staircase are beautiful and work well, often it is also thanks to our work.

New offices

We keep celebrating our 30-year anniversary with projects we will soon be implementing. In the picture the rendering of the new offices with the covered entrance hall. Construction works are scheduled to start at the beginning of next year.

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